Benefits Of Drinking Three Cups Of Coffee

Many people need one cup of coffee just to wake up in the morning. They may also get a second cup of coffee for an extra kick. If you only drink two cups of coffee, then you can benefit by getting a third cup. Drinking three cups of coffee per day can reduce your risk of developing an abnormal heart rhythm.

Dr. Peter Kistler works at Alfred Hospital and Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. He stated that previous research suggested that coffee can increase the risk of an irregular heartbeat. However, he stated that his research has shown that this is not the case.

Dr. Kistler found that drinking three cups of coffee per day is safe for people who already have irregular heartbeats. In fact, coffee has adenosine, which is an antioxidant that can lower the risk of heart disease. Numerous studies have confirmed that moderate tea and coffee consumption can reduce the risk of heart problems.

It is important to note that drinking more than three cups of coffee per day may not decrease your risk of heart disease. They do not recommend drinking eight cups of coffee per day. The researchers also do not know whether coffee’s heart benefits are linked to the caffeine in or not. The takeaway message is that moderate consumption will likely not harm your heart. It may help it.

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