How To Get Free Coffee From McDonalds

McDonalds is allowing their patrons to get free fries and coffee until the end of April. All you have to do is order your food and pay for it with the McDonalds app. You have to make a purchase that is at least $1.

You can get free medium fries starting on April 20 until April 27. You can get a free latte, coffee or cappuccino from April 20 until April 29. You will only be able to get one free coffee or fries once during the week. You can download the app from your Google Play or Apple store.

McDonalds recently added three new coffee flavors to its menu. One of the flavors is a iced turtle macchiato, which is a blend of caramel, chocolate or hazelnut mixed with espresso and cold milk. There is also the turtle macchiato, which is served hot. Additionally, people can get the iced turtle coffee. It is regular iced coffee that is mixed with hazelnut, caramel and chocolate.

There are several other deals that are going on at McDonalds. If you pay with the app, then you can also get $2 off one of the sandwiches on the menu. Additionally, if you buy five McCafe drinks, then you will be able to get one for free. The purpose of these deals is to reward people who order and pay ahead of time.

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