Michael Burwell: New Chief Financial Officer

Leadership is just as important in business as it is in any other area of life. This is why it comes as no surprise whenever the changing of leadership in a large company enters the headlines of national newspapers. It is no different in the case of Michael Burwell who has recently been named the new chief financial officer for the Willis Towers Watson brokering company. Michael Burwell will be replacing Roger Millay who has been the companies chief financial officer for many years.


Michael Burwell has over 30 years’ worth of experience in the finance and professional services industries and has already held several senior leadership positions. He has been appointed as the head of Global Transformation, the Chief Operating Officer, and the Chief Financial Officer in the United States as well as the head of US Transaction Services. In addition to his experience in the various leadership roles that he has filled over his career, he has also had over ten years’ worth of experience auditing and an additional 12 years of transaction service advisory.


The other members of the leadership staff at Willis Towers Watson believe that Michael Burwell is well-suited for the new role that he will be fulfilling. They believe that the company has an important decision to make regarding its future and they believe that they have made the right one. They are confident that his experience will help to propel the company’s growth into the future and will be a vital aid in the reintegration efforts that will be necessary in order to reach the full potential of Willis Towers Watson.


Additionally, the current leadership staff at Willis Towers Watson would like to thank Roger for his service at the company. They believe that he has helped to make the company much stronger than it was whenever he was first given the role of leadership. See This Page for additional information.


Michael Burwell has stated that he is incredibly happy to have been given the opportunity to join Willis Towers Watson. So far he has nothing but good things to say, and he has been incredibly impressed by the leadership and the culture of the Corporation. Michael believes that he can play a vital role in the future success of the Corporation and is incredibly excited to be able to contribute to such a large cause. Michael Burwell is a certified public accountant, and he has received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University.

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