Sip Of Hope in Chicago Opens — For A Great Cause

The Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago is well known for its coffeeshop scenes, but there is a new player on the scene that is certainly likely to draw a great deal of attention. Sip Of Hope, as its called, opened just a few days ago with an interesting mission: to start a conversation about mental health and help people who are struggling with connections to resources they can utilize. Indeed, the idea was so popular it even drew a rather famous guest on their opening day: United States Senator Dick Durbin.

Coffee and snacks is a great enough business model as is, but for Sip Of Hope to add to that with a truly life saving mission is just totally awesome. In the very competitive coffee market of Logan Square, Sip Of Hope will have something that not just makes them different from other coffee shops — but also gives them an altruistic goal for helping people. Mental illness is something that needs to be talked about more, so that people know it is okay to get the help they so deserve, and I truly can’t imagine a better place to have the conversation than over a nice cup of coffee. By welcoming everyone into their shop, Sip Of Hope plans to get every customer at least thinking about mental health. And hey, even if it only saves one person — it will be completely and totally worth it. I, for one, applaud this new coffee shop and gladly welcome it into the City of Chicago.

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