One to two Cups of Java Actually Enhances Long-term Memory and Casual Forgetting

After all the bad rep that coffee and caffeine has gotten through the years, now scientists are finding some benefits in having your morning cup of Java. While some prefer a strong cup of tea, a carbonated beverage or an energy drink, it is actually the caffeine that is the common ingredient in the morning boost for millions.


According to the FDA, 90 percent of all people globally and 80 percent of adults in the U.S. consume caffeine every day. Caffeine capsules equal to one to two cups of coffee was the amount used in the studies. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that this dose of caffeine that billions of people use as an energy boost and a stimulant is also showing a great potential as a memory enhancer. Studies have recently proven that caffeine has a positive effect on long-term memory, and for the majority of coffee drinkers, this is good news.


Michael Yassa, the assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences announced this incredible news in Nature Neuroscience. And if that wasn’t enough, they found that caffeine also enhances certain memory sites in the brain for over one day after the caffeine has been consumed. They found that this same dose of caffeine makes the user more resistant to forgetting information, and this is the first time this finding has been confirmed.


The scientists conducting this research was more advanced than previous studies in an effort to determine more precisely the effects when viewing and memorizing images.

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