Coffee lovers, including myself, rave about the long-term benefits to drinking coffee. We have all heard that coffee is a top anti-oxidant when it comes to fighting certain diseases. On the flip side, coffee includes a dangerous chemical that has cancer-carrying effects. Although the actual link to drinking coffee and acquiring cancer has not been proven yet, there are those groups that would argue that there is not enough warning labels for consumers to address the potential effects of the chemical in coffee. One such group went after the coffee makers and in a recent post in The Guardian, a summary of the court case was presented. Below is a summary of the article which can be read at the following link:

A judge in Los Angeles ruled that Starbucks and other major coffee makers failed to show that the effects of the chemical acrylamide, which is produced when roasting, were insignificant. The ruling has forced these same coffee-making companies to post mandatory labels to warn consumers. Supposedly, the plaintiffs suing the coffee makers presented evidence that coffee consumption increased the risk to people while the defendants, the coffee makers, did not provide enough evidence to the contrary. The case opened up eight years ago and the next phase will involve determining any civil penalties that the coffee makers will have to pay. To conclude, the judge ruled that the coffee companies failed to show that the levels of the chemical were less stricter when compared to the health benefits.

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