Coffee Drinking Before A Meeting Can Make You More Productive

Many people feel lethargic until they have their cup of coffee. It turns out that coffee can help stay alert and focus more during your meeting. The results of the study are published in “Journal of Psychopharmacology.”


This is one of the few studies that examined the way that coffee affects a group. Most studies just examine the way that coffee can affect an individual person. There were a total of 134 people involved in the study. They were told to get into groups and discuss the Occupy Wall Street Movement for 15 minutes. They were asked to discuss this during two different times. They were asked to drink coffee before having the discussion one of the times.


The results of the study showed that when the subjects drank coffee beforehand they had better discussions. They were more alert, which made it easier to contribute to the group. However, it is important to note that the study does have limitations. The subjects were asked to drink the coffee after they had abstained from it for a few hours.


The study was conducted on people who were already regular coffee drinks. It is not known whether coffee will make a person more productive if they rarely drink it. Furthermore, the subjects in the study drank caffeinated coffee. Decaffeinated coffee has not been shown to produce productivity.

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