A New Coffee Subscription Service Named Yes Plz Will Ship Fresh and Delicious Coffee Right To Your Home

An interesting point being made in a recent Eater article is that coffee is already a lifestyle. For many people, myself included, a good cup of coffee is a beautiful thing.


In this Eater article, the author takes a look at a new coffee subscription service named Yes Plz. Founded by two well-known coffee experts, the Yes Plz service is resisting the trend of featuring single origin coffees, and is instead focusing on high quality, delicious blends.


The co-founders of Yes Plz are veteran roaster and coffee expert Sumi Ali and Tony Konecny, who previously founded the Tonx coffee subscription service. Before starting their new venture, both of these experienced coffee industry workers were proponents of the single origin concept.


Yes Plz will be selling only 12-ounce packages of high quality coffee bean blends for $15 per package. Customers can choose to have freshly roasted coffee beans shipped to them weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


The founders of the Yes Plz coffee subscription service have started a Kickstarter fund to help finance their operation. By utilizing a Kickstarter account and not seeking venture capital funding, the company maintains more control over their business decisions.


In the Eater article, the author asks if another coffee subscription service is something that is really needed. While the idea of having fresh coffee delivered regularly is certainly nice, there are already lots of places where people can purchase coffee both online and at retail stores. Hopefully, Yes Plz will develop a strong base of customers.

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