Mike Burwell The Businessman

Mike Burwell is the Chief Financial Officer, CFO, at Willis Tower Watson. Its always his routine to start his day at five in the morning, his hobby is riding on the Peloton bike and while ridding he loves giving thought on what can be accomplished before sunset. Mike is a graduate of Michigan State University where in 2010 he was named the Alumnus of the year holding a degree in business administration, and he is certified, public accountant. He is an icon in the business world, but that did not come on a silver platter, he spent 31 years, that is over three decades, at the prestigious Price Water House Coopers LLP(PwC).


To give a detailed description of his maneuvering in the business world to the leadership role, Mike served for 11 years in the assurance department where he was working on business advisory services. In the year 1997, he was voted into as the PwC’s central in the United States transaction business basing on his excellent record of success in Detroit. In 2009 he was selected and appointed as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer managing PwC’s United States business. As an ambitious and shrewd businessman, Mike has helped win transforming, building, and expansion of the PwC’s he did this since he took the office of the Vice Chairman of Global in the year twenty twelve.


As a leader, you need to have eyes of eagles so that you can spot natural talents. Mike has both, and he has known the secret to bring ideas inform world of imagination to the real world. He gives digital ninjas thumbs up since they are the secret weapon in modeling the concepts. He gives credit to people in the organization for their amazing views such as the uber and the Airbnb.


Successful people have a particular type of mindsets that makes them different. And Mike is one of them he believes in the philosophy of doing more or archiving more with less. Furthermore, he believes in technology something that makes people file more and great. He thinks in the paradigm of collaboration will never get close to consensus and he finds one will always fail when he tries to make everybody happy. See This Page to learn more.


Mike recommends everyone to be a good listener and to expand a network. Since he believes everyone possesses some unique and interesting personalities and characters that makes them heroes in their world. Thus he furthers us to be in constant communication with our fellow mates as we try to understand and learn from them.

Mike being an icon in the business world we learn much from him. Michael Burwell is a guy with patience working in a place for 31 years. He is also a leader who has got dreams for the company and even a person who embraces change as he is seen embracing technology.



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