Starbucks Causes Cancer?

Millions of coffee lovers start their day with a hot cup of coffee. This is the routine that really gets their motor running and ready for the day. However, news reports surfaced recently stating that coffee causes cancer. Imagine the shock on the face of your average coffee lover. Their favorite morning brew is bad for their health. Does this mean that Starbucks causes cancer? Well, don’t give up your cup of coffee just yet. There is much more to this news breaking story.


Say It Isn’t So

Certainly, coffee lovers across the country would like to strongly disagree with the news about coffee causing cancer. Starting the day with a cup of coffee is something that they really enjoy on a daily basis. Here is the deal. Researchers did not release information about coffee causing cancer. It was a judge. This judge ruled that Starbucks should place a cancer warning label on their products, after a non-profit group sued a number of coffee distributors. This has to do with California’s Proposition 65 about chemicals in products that might cause cancer.


More Research Is Required

The name of the chemical that is thought to cause cancer is Acrylamide. This chemical is found in a wide variety of foods and beverages and it is formed because of high temperatures during the manufacturing process. Still, more research should take a look at the connection between this chemical and cancer before making a final determination on the cancer causing properties associated with the product.

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