Teens Consuming More Coffee

Take a walk around your local supermarket and you will quickly discover that many of the cereals, candy, and drinks that are marketed to kids are filled with caffeine. Clearly, kids are getting hooked on caffeine at a very early age. Is it any surprise that kids and teens eventually turn to coffee to get their caffeine high? At one time, a young teen might start their day with a glass of juice. However, today kids and teens are more likely to start their day with a hot cup of coffee.


Coffee And Caffeine

Some parents actually let their kids drink a cup of coffee at breakfast and other meals. Kids quickly become addicted to the coffee, developing caffeine addiction symptoms along the way that interfere with school and their social life. For example, kids and teens that consume too much coffee are restless or they simply are too buzzed to get an adequate amount of sleep. Caffeine is a stimulate and should not be included in a young person’s meals. Long term use might lead to anxiety, nervous disorders, restlessness, and motor development problems.


National Coffee Association Is Rejoicing

The National Coffee Association is aware of the recent increase in kids and teens drinking coffee, and they are rejoicing. In fact, almost 50 percent of young teens and kids consume coffee on a regular basis. Why such a high consumption number? Many schools supply coffee products with their lunches and local coffee shops sell coffee to kids and teens.

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