Coffee Overload

Across the country, there are millions of people that consume several cups of coffee a day. How much coffee is too much coffee? This is a question that arises all the time in health circles. However, there is much more to this question than you might first imagine. For example, it is not the amount of coffee consumed, but the additional products that are added to the cup of coffee that you should be more concerned about. Generally, people drink coffee with donuts, slice of cake, or a bagel. In addition, many add sugar, cream, heavy whipped cream, and a combination of other ingredients that are not exactly healthy.


A Closer Look At The Ingredients

Most coffee lovers are not able to start their day without a cup of coffee. A cup or several cups of black coffee is not the issue. The fact is that people add unhealthy ingredients to their coffee. Instead, consider substituting a healthier product. For example, instead of heavy cream in your coffee, add low fat milk. Instead of adding a calorie laden designer flavor to the coffee, add a teaspoon of sugar. This one simple step saves calories and you are able to receive the health benefits that are associated with drinking coffee. For example, it’s thought coffee is good for the heart and diabetes. Here is an idea. The next time that you pour yourself a cup of coffee, keep it simple. Drink a cup ob black coffee with just a teaspoon of sugar.

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