Meet Nick Vertucci the Founder of the NV Real Estate

Nick Vertucci has recently released his latest book where he is sharing with the readers about his personal challenges. In the book, Vertucci talks about the most significant aspects contributing to his success. He talks about the challenges and the lessons he learnt from them, and also how he embraced change to avoid recurrence of his past mistakes. The book has been endorsed by Kevin Harrington, the founder of the AS Seen Tv and an American entrepreneur and business executive.

Nick Vertucci founded the NV Real Estate. As a real estate investment officer, nick says that he trains on how to save financial lives. Prior to him venturing into real estate, Vertucci was a law enforcement officer where he also says that he trained on how to save physical lives for eighteen good years. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The academy is one of the most developing in the provision of real estate education. The kind of education and advice given at the academy aids the interested people on how to acquire personal financial freedom by following Nick’s footsteps.

Nick was born and raised in a humble background as his family was not wealthy. When he was about 10 years of age, Vertucci lost his father which resulted to the family facing a financial blow and the mother had to struggle and bring up her children. Despite the many ups and downs of life, Vertucci grew, got married and gave birth to his 3 daughters. However, another storm struck back in the year 2000 when the dot com industry crashed. This led to Nick incurring losses and the only valuable thing left for him was his house. Following the loss, he struggled to identify financial opportunities so as to help his family, which only led him in to heavy debts. One of his friends suggested that it was wise for him to attend a real estate seminar for duration of 3 days. Nick currently terms this move as the best decision he ever made in life.

In an exclusive interview with ideamensch, Nick Vertucci was asked to explain about one of his habits that make him productive in his field of entrepreneurship. He said that he has a discipline of self- belief that is unbreakable. This enables him to keep on moving no matter what the life offers whether good or bad. Still during the interview, he gave advice to the young who are willing to be like him by saying that for a change, one must plan.

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