Starbucks New Uplifting News

Starbucks is a very popular coffee franchise that came under a bit of scrutiny recently. This scrutiny is due to their policy concerning non-customers requesting to use their rest-rooms. A manager of a Starbucks called the police and requested that two black men be removed from the Starbucks because they were not making an order. This led to an uproar by consumers across the country, and Starbucks taking a second look at their training program. Starbucks decided to improve their training program with an updated look at identifying racial injustice.


New Uplifting Policies

A lot of people have wandered into stores and restaurants like Starbucks and asked to use the restrooms, without first making a purchase. It seems incomprehensible that a store manager would make the decision to call in the police to arrest two people that were just waiting around for a friend to show up before making an order. The only mistake that they made was asking to use the rest room. Now, Starbucks has drafted a Third Policy that allows anyone to use their restrooms, even if they do not make a purchase. Some are worried. They assume that this new policy will invite people in to take shelter or just loiter around the paying customers.


Uplifting Program

Sources at Starbucks stated that the new training program and the new policy is designed to uplift people, and to inspire people. It all begins on a one to one basis and learning to respect each other as human beings.

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