Michael Burwell Success In Finance

Willis Towers Watson is an advisory company that has helped people all over the world to go from a path that was unsure of a way of success. The company has helped many people and continued to do so with the help of their employees. The company has changed a lot, and the most recent change made space for someone else to serve as the Chief Financial Officer of the company. Willis Towers Watson decided to select Michael Burwell to help them as the new Chief Financial Officer at the company.


In Michael Burwell’s new position, he is responsible for all of the financial manner in the company. He will also have to make sure that he is conducting business with other companies in a way that is professional and does not put Willis Towers Watson in a lousy place. They are trusting Michael Burwell to provide growth in the position that he will be serving in.


Michael Burwell has a lot of experience in finance, but he also has the education to back up the work that he has done in finance. Burwell has a Bachelor’s of Art in Business Administration from Michigan State University. He is also a Certified Public Accountant. He has accomplished a lot that has benefited him and others. For example, Michael Burwell has a unique ability to increase efficiency so that in time of trouble people do not have to be laid off in the process. He has acquired many unique skills while working in finance. Instead of being stingy with the information and knowledge that he has he helps other people rise in the field also.


Michael Burwell is very proud of his abilities. He continues to increase the horizon by keeping up with the new technology that is being made available. He takes the time to learn new systems to see how they can benefit him and the company that he is working for. When advising people, he has to know how he will be best able to serve the people he is over. Burwell has proved that he is an excellent asset in finance and continues to do so through hard work and dedication.



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