The Future Looks Bright For Talkspace After Several Big Pieces Of News:

Michael Phelps is an individual most known for his huge achievements in the world of competitive swimming but he is also known for being passionate about raising mental health awareness. In this regard, he is partnering up with a great organization called Talkspace. Talkspace is a company that makes it its goal facilitate connections between licensed therapists and users. These therapists are available to be contacted in various ways that include smartphones, computers and tables.

Michael Phelps himself has had his own bouts with depression and anxiety and has recently opened up about them. He hopes that by him coming out and sharing his stories about his own personal battles, that he will be able to help others and encourage them to seek out the help that they need to help with their issues. The Talkspace Advisory Board is working very hard to make the program an integral part of how they manage their mental health and having an advocate like Michael Phelps is a huge step in the right direction. Talkspace’s Oren Frank, the company’s CEO has expressed the fact that many stigmas, as well as misconceptions, still exist in terms of mental health.

Oren Frank is a true revolutionary in the industry of text-therapy. He is making waves in that industry now with the company that he co-founded – Talkspace. Since founding Talkspace in 2012 and serving as its CEO, Oren Frank has helped millions of people worldwide. One of the major points behind Talkspace is the desire to make access to therapy far easier. To this point, Oren Frank is very busy at the moment in trying to bring more people on board with the Talkspace platform. The recent addition of Michael Phelps as a spokesperson for the company is a huge deal to be certain.

Talkspace announced particularly exciting news this year when it brought on Neil Leibowitz to serve as its new chief medical officer. Neil will greatly help the company in its drive to build up its business. He is also the perfect candidate to facilitate the move towards medications being possible to be prescribed by way of the Talkspace app.


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