Nick Vertucci: The King of Fortune Flipping

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate mogul who grabs the bull by the horns and rides it into submission. His will to succeed is described in his extraordinary new book, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.” Nick shares a detailed description of his journey from humble beginnings to his phenomenal success in the real estate business. In his book, he uses his life’s experiences to demonstrate the path to success. The principles that made the man are what made the millionaire. Nick Vertucci is not a soft stepper. He makes strong, solid decisions which lead to success in his life and business. His book is more than a roadmap to how to be successful in real estate; it is a memoir of how a man overcame his challenges and obstacles and created a life he wanted to live and enjoy. It’s about how a man who faced a tough youth, is not self-centered and bitter, but compassionate and willing to share with others how they can beat the odds as well.

Nick Vertucci says, “You don’t strike it rich by playing it safe.” He describes the skill set that is needed to be a success in any business. He doesn’t mean for anyone to be reckless but rather that they develop the skills from an experienced resource and then successfully apply those skills in business. Nick is candid about his mishaps throughout his journey. He shares openly about the changes he has had to make to gain the results that he has today. The book not only demonstrates proveable real estate strategies that will result in real success but it also shows how to navigate changing times in the market.

The NVREA is the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. After years of studying, training, trial and error, success, failures, and rebounds Nick has created an award-winning business that he can share with others. His academy will help his students to not only succeed but to eliminate a lot of the pitfalls that he experienced early in his career. The NVREA is located in California and its where Nick teaches his students how to succeed in the highs, lows, and unpredictability of the real estate market. Nick uses practical methods like “Get in, Get out, and Get paid’, and more complex approaches like commercial investments, assets protection, leveraging retirement accounts to fund investments, and more. Nick has a radio show with information on real estate investing, how to attend his seminars, and his academy. For those with balls to succeed, Nick Vertucci is the guy to get you where you want to be.

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