Talkspace: Mental Health and Help From Michael Phelps

In today’s world mental health has no boundaries and it’s not beholding to any specific person. That said, Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps who is the world champion swimmer has expressed his struggle with anxiety and depression. He has recently opened up to discuss his personal dealings with mental health problems and how he found help through the fast growing online therapy platform called Talkspace. He has even taken it upon himself to team up with the organization to further spread the word that mental health issues can happen to anyone and need to be addressed. Phelps states that people should consider trying to talk to their friends and family and even their teammates or find a professional therapist that you can work with.

For those who don’t know, Talkspace has taken the market by storm by offering an affordable and confidential therapy online platform that users can communicate with certified therapists by sending unlimited pictures, audio, texts and video messages. Each user received an assigned therapist for their specific mental health concern. It can be done either through a computer web browser or mobile app accessed directly through your smartphone. Co-founder Oren Frank is taking his business to another level as the organization has made contact with nearly 1 million users interacting with the platform on a daily basis.

To make sure the platform is working effectively, Frank states that Talkspace focuses on its employees. That said, he makes it a point to having his platform’s services tested and analyzed by at least 10 percent of a business’s customers employees who have decided to give the messaging service a try. In the last year, Talkspace has brought on new staff by hiring Neil Leibowitz as their chief medical officer. His role is to build the organization’s main business and start prescribing medications to all users. Leibowitz has an extensive background as a senior medical director whose prior job experience was at UnitedHealth. The goal is for Leibowitz to increase sales two other businesses for the Talkspace platform. For all users, Talkspace provides a new option when it comes to seeking help for mental illness and reaching a therapist on your own terms.

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