TalkSpace: Advancement in Therapy Online

It is important that people give serious consideration and priority to their mental health to ensure that they are well-conditioned and rejuvenated. Daily pressures of life have a way of taking their toll on mental health. Surprisingly, most people don’t even know that they suffer from some form of anxiety disorder and depression. This is especially true for busy working professionals who spend most of their time at work or worrying about work. Such people need to take matters into their own hands by regularly consulting the therapists who can help them with what needs to be done.

There are lots of stigmas associated with mental health issues. That’s why, TalkSpace, a New York City Based social enterprise is trying to raise awareness about mental health issues with the help of Olympic Champion Michael Phelps. Phelps has battled depression and anxiety disorders and found that therapy and communication are very vital for someone taking on mental health issues. Challenging stigmas associated with mental health has opened doors for him to reach out and affect the lives of others. Michael Phelps has appeared in ad campaigns and television commercials as the spokesperson for TalkSpace.

TalkSpace offers online therapeutic services for people in need of help at an affordable rate. TalkSpace promotes communication and self-care as the best ways to manage mental health conditions, harassment, assault, and other traumas. They have served more than one million clients. TalkSpace employees licensed therapists to interact with clients through mobile text and online platforms. They also used live chats and video options for some patients. The good thing is that TalkSpace offers fair rates compared to similar office services elsewhere.

TalkSpace was founded in 2011 to provide online mental health services to millions of clients in need of affordable care. It is now run by Groop Intern Platform Inc. and has now raised close to sixty million dollars to help offer they services. About half of their funds were raised in August 2017 from Softbank Group Corporation. TalkSpace charges between $49 and $79 for their services and have also signed various contracts with health insurance companies. TalkSpace services comply with all federal and state laws in their diagnosis, prescription and counseling methods.

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