Corporate Resolutions Delves Deeper Than Any Other Background Check Service

Warren Buffet, one of the greatest businessmen of all time, has said that the best businesses are the ones that could be run by their CEO’s dropout nephew. While running such a company would be a great gig, and the executives’ and company’s success would be a sure thing for the shareholders, the reality of most modern corporations is that they need real, proven talent in the wheelhouse.


The fact of the matter is that the stakes involved in selecting C-level personnel has never been higher. Making the wrong choice can easily lead not only to the company foundering but to its total destruction. And lest executive-hiring teams think that it is only the absolute top-level positions that require high-end due diligence, consider that the junior-level CFO of Enron, Andrew Fastow, has been largely blamed for that company’s sudden demise. From the rogue traders of Société General and Lehman Bros to the massive executive embezzlement scheme that sunk National Heritage Life Insurance, simple human resources mistakes, when made in the context of executive or upper-level management, can destroy entire companies and the life’s work of everyone who built them.



Corporate Resolutions can prevent fatal hiring mistakes



Corporate Resolutions is one of the foremost companies in America in the area of executive and upper-level management executive background checks. As companies hire at higher levels within their corporate hierarchy, it is imperative that they understand that the stakes do not just increase: They increase exponentially.


This is why it becomes critical not just to get it right most of the time, as most competent human resources departments are able to do. When hiring those who will have access to critical corporate assets and the power to abuse them and to steer the company in potentially fatal direction or become a potentially brand-destroying public relations liability, should they engage in untoward activities, it is necessary to get it right 100 percent of the time. That is the level of certainty that a Corporate Resolutions background check brings to the table. And it is that level of certainty that tells your executive-hiring team that you aren’t putting your company’s entire value on a spin of the roulette wheel.



Corporate Resolutions digs deeper, bearing all before the eyes of decision makers



The one thing that every criminal, liar and fraud avoids as if their life depended on it is transparency. Even the cleverest cheats and liars cannot continue their charades in the face of those with full knowledge of what they’re really up to.

That’s why Corporate Resolutions has designed a 100 percent comprehensive background check process that leaves no stone unturned, no matter how far back a misdeed may have been or how much effort may have gone into expunging it from society’s memory.


Corporate Resolutions digs deeper than any other executive background check service. One area in which the company provides a unique and comprehensive service is in the full investigation of any civil court case that was ever brought against the candidate at either the county or federal level. This can be an invaluable source of additional information about a candidate, especially considering that many serious cases of fraud and other breach of duties that could have potentially carried criminal penalties often end up settled in civil court or even privately.


Corporate Resolutions is able to penetrate the veil of opacity that often surrounds civil proceedings, giving a guaranteed total picture of all proceedings to which the candidate has been a party going back at least 7 years. At the same time, Corporate Resolutions’ professional investigators are able to piece together often fragmentary puzzles, deducing from careful study what the likely missing elements are from such things as civil cases that were brought but then summarily dismissed. In some cases, this may indicate that there was insufficient grounds to continue. But in others, it may indicate that there was an out-of-court settlement with an accompanying non-disclosure agreement. And it can be these cases, where both the individual and the aggrieved party mutually wish to avoid any embarrassing publicity, where some of the most vital and relevant facts about executive candidates’ prior dealings may come to light.


Modern corporations that are looking for the right executive to fill vacant roles cannot afford not to have the power that a Corporate Resolutions executive background check puts in their hands.

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