Oren Frank: Offering Reasonable Priced Consulting With Talkspace

Talk Space

Oren Frank and Roni Frank founded Talk Space. Before Talk Space began, Roni Frank expertise was in building software. Oren and Roni had gone into couples therapy and found the experience instrumental in saving their marriage. Roni Frank went back to school and earned her master’s degree in psychotherapy. Together Roni and Oren started Talk Space in 2012. The service offers counsel by way of online video chat and text messaging.

Six years later after Oren Frank and Roni Frank founded Talk Space, the online service now is experiencing an 80% increase in business. The online counseling service has seen significant increases in females, Muslim, and Jewish customers. The bulk of their patients are the millennial generation between 33 and 35 years old.

In 2018, Talk Space has one million customers using their online counseling service. Currently, the online counseling service has a $79 weekly service offering video therapy by way of a therapist assigned to the user and a $49 service which provides counsel by way of text messaging.

Talk Space Hires Neil Leibowitz

Talk Space has hired Neil Leibowitz, the former head medical officer with United Health. With Leibowitz on board with Talk Space, the online counseling hopes to expand its psychotherapy services. Talk Space has trained physicians on board who counsel Talk Space’s patients.

Neil Leibowitz and Oren Frank are in the process of furthering the services offered on their online video counseling. Within the next few months, Talkspace’s physicians will be able to prescribe medications through their online video counseling service.


With Leibowitz former background with United Health, he will be assisting in the corporate structure of Talk Space. In this country, employers see a tenfold increase in stress-related issues in the workplace, affecting job performance. These companies have found their employees between the ages of 30 to 35 years old suffer the most with stress-related problems in the workplace.

Talk Space offers affordable therapy to anyone with an online connection. Talk Space focus has been the customers not accessible to counseling services. Many of the users of their online therapy service come from rural areas which have no access to counseling services.

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