Talkspace Online Therapy Helping Millions with Mental Depression Issues

Michael Phelps, a globally renowned, 28-time swimming champion seems to have achieved all there is in the American Dream. Amid all the success, Michael Phelps felt lost because of depression.

“I spent five days in my room, questioning whether there’s any more incentive to continue living. I discovered that I’m a strong person, but I still felt profound weakness,” Michael Phelps. Having realized that he couldn’t overcome depression by himself, he decided to find a professional therapist; a move he credits to have helped him greatly.

You need not wait to experience mental stress to seek therapeutic help. Anyone can find an expert therapist whenever he or she needs to talk about the matters affecting them psychologically. It works as it alleviates the development of a severe mental problem.

Through his partnership with Talkspace, Michael shares how therapy rescued him overcome depression. Through this initiative, he has opened up channels for millions of people to access professional therapy.

Talkspace is an authoritative, confident, convenient and affordable online therapy. It enables users to send messages and videos using smart devices and desktops to therapists who are more than willing to help.

A Peek into the Day of a Talkspace Therapist

Melissa Moreno, one of the Talkspace therapists, says that her typical day starts at 5.45 am and ends at 10 pm. After waking up, she spends a few minutes exercising, before attending online therapy sessions with clients. During the day, she serves as facility director for Adolescent-Boys Program, where she offers sanctuary and dialectical behavioral therapy. She signs in to Talkspace at 5.30 pm, followed by a few minutes in the gym, before checking into Talkspace till 10 pm.

Samantha White, a Talkspace therapist, and an award-winning author follows a daily routine that’s different from Moreno’s. Her day begins at 7.30 am and goes for a morning walk for an hour. She then checks into Talkspace where she attends to clients for the better part of the morning. She then returns for afternoon sessions at 3.30 pm. Afterward, she enjoys some me-time until dinner is served at 7 pm. At 9, she relaxes, watching inspirational shows that counterbalance her job of alleviating people’s mental struggles. Later on, she retires to bed, ready for another dawn.

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