Igor Cornelsen and His Career Journey as Investments Service Provider

No matter what post you are holding at your place of work, there is no way, at any time, your kin will inherit that CEO or Senior Analyst position you’re holding. Immediately your time is over, another intellect bearing remarkable, and favorable skill sets will be offered the place. With investments, however, one is not only able to guarantee the sustainability of his/her folks but also will be guaranteed sufficient wealth to attain his/her aspired life dreams.

There being, however, having the right choice of investment is really essential, and have to be backed by an expert who will assure your investment’s impressive effectiveness and optimum growth — a professional like Igor Cornelsen who had got sufficient skills and decades of experience, dating from 1971 when he began handling stock exchange funds in his career as an investment banker.

Looking back at his education background, Igor Cornelsen initially was taking engineering class at the Federal University of Parana in Brazil, but changed to bachelor in Economics in 1970, following his passion and talent in finance. Noting his genius ability in solving compound interest rates using no technology, but sliding rules, he got hired by one investment bank, but later on shifted to Rio where he served as an investment banker.

Following his devotion and diligent skills, Igor Cornelsen was able to battle all his odds, and he was hired by Multibanco, of which soon rewarded him tremendously with a position at the board of directors. Not so long after the invitation to the board, he became the CEO, although it was just a short-lived, sweet position to swing at, as Multibanco was acquired by the Bank of America, in 1978.

Following the acquisition of Multibanco, Igor Cornelsen had to stay for some time with no employment but afterward was offered a position at Unibanco – which was the top investment in Brazil by the time. In 1985, Mr. Cornelsen left Unibanco for Libra Bank PLC. While here, he was able to broaden his skills and experience, and qualified to join Standard Chartered Merchant Bank’s team of professionals, and later on its Board.

Similar to other firms Igor Cornelsen had offered his services, his career profile scaled once more, but this time he decided to employ the acquired expertise else way. As of now, he works with Bainbridge Group Inc. where he offers services as an investment manager, including strategies for making investments in damaged stocks, rather not damaged companies.

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