Igor Cornelsen: An Expert in Investment Banking in Brazil

Igor Cornelsen Is highly recognized for his unusual ability to invest in Brazil awareness of the stock market and banking. I made a lot of Brazil, a native of Brazil, Igor began his education as an engineering major at The Federal University of Parana. The love he has for statistics caused Cornelsen to change his major to economics. Igor is one of the most successful business people in Brazil. Igor has used his expertise to address banking issues throughout Brazil.

After he completed his degree, Cornelsen began his career at Multibanco, an investment bank located in Rio. As a 1970 graduate in the field of economics, Igor and his peers with an economics degree entered investment banking careers with the ability to calculate compound interest prior to the use of computers in daily business practices in the field of investment banking. His strong work ethic led to Igor Cornelsen achieving the role of Chief Executive Officer at Multibanco in 1976. Igor began a position with Unibanco after his previous employer was acquired by Bank of America. He transitioned into a new role at Libra Bank PLC, which allowed him to gain the attention of Standard Chartered Bank where he assumed a position on the board of directors.

The vast amount of experience Igor Cornelsen obtained during his career led him to entrepreneurship. During 1995 Cornelsen founded Bainbridge Investment Inc. The company assists corporations with implementing new banking strategies. Additionally, Cornelsen uses the company and his blog to provide education to individuals regarding investments. Currently, Bainbridge Investment Inc. is headquartered in the Bahamas. As a blogger, Cornelsen advises investors to obtain the best rates when they invest in foreign currencies because this has offered the highest performance in the forex market. Cornelsen encourages investors to invest early in life to succeed.

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