Exploring the Igor Cornelsen Career Path

Stories are told of people accidentally stumbling into careers. Sports prospects turned entertainers, architects turned shoe designers are not an exception. Igor Cornelsen fits this bill. An engineering graduate with distinct academic credentials ending up in the banking halls is rather strange. However; despite the shift in careers he has successfully outdone not only himself but even those who have the benefit of studying business.

It’s noteworthy to mention that being born post world war 1947 had a role in his dramatic shift in careers. It is debatable if in the current dispensation such a shift can be possible, granted the industry growth in leaps and bounds in addition to the advent of analytics, logarithm etc. The computer revolutionized the world.

Arguably, certain jobs delegated to human labor were soon reassigned to computers; especially crunching numbers and computing. Igor Cornelsen, it is said took a dip into investment waters by virtue of being able to calculate compounded interest rates using the sliding rule. Being an engineer in Brazil at the time was an automatic guarantee to be recruited in the banking sector. It, therefore, remains debatable if computers were available then if Igor Cornelsen would have even thought of an investment career.

There is no doubt there were several engineers who ended up if banking halls at the time. Which begs the question, what made Igor so successful at what he did that he rose up the ranks to global recognition? A keen observation into his career reveals a man who has the ability to evolve with the times.

While some of his career movements were based on the economic realities of the time in Brazil, e.g. when his bank was acquired by an American company or moving to London for a better paying and bigger corner office, there is no doubt being calculating; the London experience no doubt would come in handy in running his own ventures granted its European financial capital status.Ignor Cornelsen successfully learnt through experience the ropes of the banking industry and became good at it.

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