Dan Bethelmy-Rada Ensures no More Cry to Hair Lovers

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the present Global Brand president of Matrix and Biolage L`Oreal Professional products division since 2015. His role is to oversee and manage the brand`s strategy progress worldwide, services development and organize education strategy. He is the youngest ever DMI General Manager for the company and under his leadership he has transformed the matrix brand through creative direction and new positioning as well as the digitalizing matrix to increases its appearance and status to the customers.

Mr. Dan Bethelmy was born in Venezuela but at the age of 16 moved to Paris to attend Sorbonne. He has also lived in the US for more than 10 years. He is a graduate of Sorbonne and ESSEC with bachelor’s degree in International Business and Masters in Business Administration from respective schools. He started his career soon after his MBA degree in 2003 at L`Oreal as Product Manager although with time he advanced to various International roles within the company`s Consumer Product Division.

A few years ago Bethelmy and his team created a safe, convenience hair brand products R.A.W which utilized all natural and authentic ingredients to meet customers need. In a brief interview, Bethelmy opened up his heart and shared what triggered him to create this brand and challenges he together with him faced.

To begin, the idea to create R.A.W was as a result of high demand for natural products which no any company produced, and Matrix realized the gap was existing and had to respond to customer plea. Also, we named our products with outstanding environmental credentials R.A.W to correspond with natural, active and highly biodegradable ingredients we apply. Packaging products have also been designed in a way they have a minimal environmental impact, shampoo and conditioner bottles manufactured from entirely recycled plastics.

To achieve all these results, Dan and his team went over few challenges although their stand of naturalness remained their top priority. One of the significant problems Dan faced was cost as he had to ensure all the products meet the compliance standards from formulation criteria to production method entailed many investments. Although the challenges were many after the launch of the product Dan was delightful to receive many positive feedback about the product.

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