Wes Edens Advocate A Greater Role For Women In Sports

Getting his start at Lehmann Brothers in 1987. Wes Edens went on to Co-found Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Being voted as one of Forbes magazine’s 2007 five hundred wealthiest people in the world, he worked close with partners to publicly offer Fortress Investment Group, leading to owning 72.8 million shares worth over 2 billion dollars. Known for his savvy, yet unconventional investment practices, Wes Edens Recently purchased the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014 alongside Mark Lasry for 550 million dollars from the former United States Senator Herb Kohl. Since this monumental purchase, Edens’ message has increasingly been about a need for women to have more representation in sports.

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In a recent article, Wes Edens lamented the fact that women are massively underrepresented in the sports industry, claiming, “I think it’s not something we talk about enough. There are no female general managers, no female head coaches ……..(and) there’s never been a female commissioner in any of the four major American sporting leagues.” This is something Edens hopes to see changed with teams like the San Antonio Spurs and the Cleveland Cavaliers hiring Becky Hammon and Lindsay Gottlieb as assistant coaches. Keeping true to his commitment to change, Wes Edens has recently been gaining more press due to his daughter Mallory’s recent announcement stating her plans to eventually buy the New York Knicks. According to a recent interview published in Bleacher Report, Mallory stated, “I want to buy the Knicks one day, I don’t need to swap, my dad can keep the Bucks. I’ll take the Knicks, and I’ll see him in the Eastern Conference Finals.” The Knicks have been named Forbes most valuable franchises for the second year in 2017, valuing over 3 billion dollars.

Wes Edens has come a long way in his decades long career as financial expert and investor. Edens currently serves as Fortress Investments private equity Chief Investment Officer and has investments in many different industries from media and financial services to real estate and healthcare.

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