Boris Ivanov Gazprom Explains Why Oil And Gas Firms Need To Embrace The Latest Technology

Boris Ivanov Gazprom is the key account sales manager at Halliburton. He has been in the oil and gas industry since April 2004. He lives and works in Moscow, Russia. His educational background includes earning a doctorate in drilling at the Russian State Gubkin University of Oil and Gas.

During his time in the oil and gas industry, he has worked at Schlumberger, LinkWest Group, TDE Thonhouser Data Engineering, Aquatic, Investgeoservis, and TDE Energy Service Ltd. The focus of his career has been introducing technology into the oil and gas sector. His skills include sales, business development, and project management. He is highly skilled at contract negotiations at the executive and director level.

During an interview in June 2018, Boris Ivanov Gazprom stated that his major career goal was to implement integrated control and monitoring of drilling operations in the oil and gas industry. This increases drilling efficiency and reduces the cost of constructing wells by continuously monitoring and applying efficiency analysis.

He learned about analysis of rig operations and automated well log interpretation while working in Austria in 2011. Boris Ivanov Gazprom was working at the RTOC (Real Time Operational Center) at the time and was responsible for analyzing 500 wells being drilled in the United States, Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, and in the North Sea. He noticed that no Russian companies were involved in these projects and proposed promoting this type of technology to them.

He says that, unfortunately, he meets a lot of resistance from Russian oil and gas executives when it comes to using advanced technology. They prefer sticking to the old way of relying on a drill supervisor’s daily reports when it comes to monitoring a drill’s efficiency. The reports detail how often drilling activity is being actively performed. These reports, though, only capture data daily rather than second to second.

Boris Ivanov Gazprom says that the digital age is moving fast and will result in winners and losers. Innovative companies that take advantage of new technologies will thrive while those that stick to the old ways of doing things will fade away.

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