Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Exploring New Heights With Pat Basu

Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers adult patients a plan that follows their exact symptoms and analyzation of their own unique DNA sequencing. The center’s direct collaborations with other organizational leaders play a significant role in their executive structure. Watch this video about CTCA on Youtube.

Following this adherence to providing ‘comprehensive’ outpatient cancer treatment a new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has been announced. The previous CEO vacated the position in July 2018 and was effectively replaced by Pat Basu, MD, MBA. Dr. Basu brings a wealth of experience as both a medical professional and a proven leader.


During his tenure as Adviser for the White House, Dr. Pat Basu earned a reputation of being capable and responsive. Basu said that he’s looking forward to expanding the patient care networks while initiating a lower cost threshold. Pat Basu will fortify the CTCA and their hospitals and clinics with his over thirty years of experience. He has primarily worked in clinical settings, focusing on medical solutions in regards to cancer detection, diagnosis, and treatment. View CTCA’s profile on Yelp.


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