Meet Dallas Philanthropist James Dondero

March 23rd, 2019

Everything is bigger in Texas and so is the generosity that James Dondero has shown over the years. James Dondero is the co-founder and present president of Highland Capital Management, a Dallas-based alternative investment company. Mr.Dondero began his career after he graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce and earned two bachelors in finance and accounting. Due to his incredible skills and educational accolades, Mr. Dondero would quickly found himself working at his dream job with American Express. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

There he would be appointed the title of manager where he would oversee an astonishing one billion dollars worth of fixed income funds. It was this rapid climbing of the ladder and ability to get the job done that attracted Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary to appoint him Chief Investment Officer of the company. Mr. James Dondero quickly showed his talents and flipped the company from being a rather moderate revenue maker to a multi-billion dollar giant by the end of his time with the company.


Understanding that he had done it all in the industry as well as gained a plethora of experience, Mr.Dondero found creating his own firm the natural next step of his career and life. Introducing Highland Capital Management, James Dondero’s alternative investment company that rapidly grew to be amongst the largest in not only Dallas but the whole state of Texas. Although Mr.Dondero prides himself in the long hours that he dedicates to his company, he always makes sure to make time to work towards giving back to the community in the form of philanthropy. Since his arrival to Dallas Mr.Dondero has managed to assist a number of local charities and non-profit organizations including the Geroge W. Bush Presidential Library, Uplift Education and even assisted the Dallas City Zoo with a donation of an astonishing one million dollars. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Nicolas Krafft ensured that there was Inclusivity at the Recent Fashion Event by L’Oréal Paris.

February 13th, 2019

L’Oréal Paris is a brand that deals with the fashion industry. The company always hosts a fashion and beauty show every year. The recent show was held at the river Seine. There was a floating catwalk. L’Oréal Paris was able to showcase the new looks that they had recently come up with. The event also came in handy since they were also able to showcase that they were committed to ensuring that fashion and beauty is more accessible to the general population. As an open event, any interested individual was allowed to attend the event. Some of the renowned fashion brands were able to grace the show with their presence. Nicolas Krafft was also able to make sure that the event progressed accordingly.

L’Oréal Paris was dedicated to ensuring that there was diversity in women’s beauty. Since the floating runway was 60 meters in length, the models were able to catwalk in their various outfits while also ensuring that everyone had ample time to glance at their beauty. L’Oréal Paris graced the event with models such as Elle Fanning, Eva Longoria, and Louise Bourgoin. The event was colorful since there was creativity and diversity.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, a famous actor who features in the Game of Thrones series as Jaime Lannister also attended the event. Marie Bochet who is also an ambassador of L’Oréal Paris also attended the fashion show. L’Oréal Paris made sure that the event aligned with the Spring/Summer Fashion Week. Throughout the event, the brand showcased that they were determined to ensure that they had brought beauty to the world.

By working together with Stephane Lancien, a professional hair artist, and Val Garland, a revered makeup artist worldwide, L’Oréal Paris was able to unleash numerous hair, and makeup looks. Isabel Marant and Sonia Rykiel are popular fashion brands that were also delighted to attend the event. Some of these brands were also able to present their latest collections of jewelry. L’Oréal Paris also ensured that the world would witness the glorious event and that is why they set up giant screens that allowed pedestrians to watch the show. More than 30 countries also watched the show since it was being broadcasted simultaneously thanks to the power of technology. Nicolas Krafft was in charge of ensuring that the event went on accordingly.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada Ensures no More Cry to Hair Lovers

January 20th, 2019

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the present Global Brand president of Matrix and Biolage L`Oreal Professional products division since 2015. His role is to oversee and manage the brand`s strategy progress worldwide, services development and organize education strategy. He is the youngest ever DMI General Manager for the company and under his leadership he has transformed the matrix brand through creative direction and new positioning as well as the digitalizing matrix to increases its appearance and status to the customers.

Mr. Dan Bethelmy was born in Venezuela but at the age of 16 moved to Paris to attend Sorbonne. He has also lived in the US for more than 10 years. He is a graduate of Sorbonne and ESSEC with bachelor’s degree in International Business and Masters in Business Administration from respective schools. He started his career soon after his MBA degree in 2003 at L`Oreal as Product Manager although with time he advanced to various International roles within the company`s Consumer Product Division.

A few years ago Bethelmy and his team created a safe, convenience hair brand products R.A.W which utilized all natural and authentic ingredients to meet customers need. In a brief interview, Bethelmy opened up his heart and shared what triggered him to create this brand and challenges he together with him faced.

To begin, the idea to create R.A.W was as a result of high demand for natural products which no any company produced, and Matrix realized the gap was existing and had to respond to customer plea. Also, we named our products with outstanding environmental credentials R.A.W to correspond with natural, active and highly biodegradable ingredients we apply. Packaging products have also been designed in a way they have a minimal environmental impact, shampoo and conditioner bottles manufactured from entirely recycled plastics.

To achieve all these results, Dan and his team went over few challenges although their stand of naturalness remained their top priority. One of the significant problems Dan faced was cost as he had to ensure all the products meet the compliance standards from formulation criteria to production method entailed many investments. Although the challenges were many after the launch of the product Dan was delightful to receive many positive feedback about the product.

Guilherme Paulus: The Optimist

January 1st, 2019

Guilherme Paulus is the President of Board of Advisors, CVC Brasil and GJP Hotels and Resorts. He is also a global entrepreneur who began his career as an intern for IBM.

Guilherme Paulus is now one of the most influential businessmen in Brazil. He sat down for a interview to talk about how he came to be a successful hotelier. GJP Hotels and Resorts currently have over 20 hotels and resorts and employs over 5,000 people.

In order for Guilherme Paulus to start his business, he worked with a man named Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Cerchiari invested and Paulus laid the groundwork and initial efforts. When choosing his first location, Paulus wanted a location that had a lot of movement, traffic and consistent flow of consumers. This mindset lead him to choosing outside an exit of movie theater. After four years of working with Carolos Cerchiari, he set out on his own solo ventures expanding his vision.

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Guilherme Paulus’ vision started with gratitude, and he has continued to start every day with this same sentiment. Being overly optimistic and thankful every single day helps him and his vision come to fruition. Another habit is writing out his schedule daily. This practice is empowering, creates organization and makes him more productive. Bringing ideas to life is all about faith in his eyes and you have to see all ideas in practice to determine whether or not it is a good one.

A new trend that excited Guilherme Paulus is the use of technology. The speed of information allows his business to understand the needs of its customers quickly and in return they are able to act on them faster. This is the same with the new market trends. Technology is making it very exciting and shortening the distanced between changes and new information.

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Exploring the Igor Cornelsen Career Path

December 30th, 2018

Stories are told of people accidentally stumbling into careers. Sports prospects turned entertainers, architects turned shoe designers are not an exception. Igor Cornelsen fits this bill. An engineering graduate with distinct academic credentials ending up in the banking halls is rather strange. However; despite the shift in careers he has successfully outdone not only himself but even those who have the benefit of studying business.

It’s noteworthy to mention that being born post world war 1947 had a role in his dramatic shift in careers. It is debatable if in the current dispensation such a shift can be possible, granted the industry growth in leaps and bounds in addition to the advent of analytics, logarithm etc. The computer revolutionized the world.

Arguably, certain jobs delegated to human labor were soon reassigned to computers; especially crunching numbers and computing. Igor Cornelsen, it is said took a dip into investment waters by virtue of being able to calculate compounded interest rates using the sliding rule. Being an engineer in Brazil at the time was an automatic guarantee to be recruited in the banking sector. It, therefore, remains debatable if computers were available then if Igor Cornelsen would have even thought of an investment career.

There is no doubt there were several engineers who ended up if banking halls at the time. Which begs the question, what made Igor so successful at what he did that he rose up the ranks to global recognition? A keen observation into his career reveals a man who has the ability to evolve with the times.

While some of his career movements were based on the economic realities of the time in Brazil, e.g. when his bank was acquired by an American company or moving to London for a better paying and bigger corner office, there is no doubt being calculating; the London experience no doubt would come in handy in running his own ventures granted its European financial capital status.Ignor Cornelsen successfully learnt through experience the ropes of the banking industry and became good at it.

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Igor Cornelsen: An Expert in Investment Banking in Brazil

December 28th, 2018

Igor Cornelsen Is highly recognized for his unusual ability to invest in Brazil awareness of the stock market and banking. I made a lot of Brazil, a native of Brazil, Igor began his education as an engineering major at The Federal University of Parana. The love he has for statistics caused Cornelsen to change his major to economics. Igor is one of the most successful business people in Brazil. Igor has used his expertise to address banking issues throughout Brazil.

After he completed his degree, Cornelsen began his career at Multibanco, an investment bank located in Rio. As a 1970 graduate in the field of economics, Igor and his peers with an economics degree entered investment banking careers with the ability to calculate compound interest prior to the use of computers in daily business practices in the field of investment banking. His strong work ethic led to Igor Cornelsen achieving the role of Chief Executive Officer at Multibanco in 1976. Igor began a position with Unibanco after his previous employer was acquired by Bank of America. He transitioned into a new role at Libra Bank PLC, which allowed him to gain the attention of Standard Chartered Bank where he assumed a position on the board of directors.

The vast amount of experience Igor Cornelsen obtained during his career led him to entrepreneurship. During 1995 Cornelsen founded Bainbridge Investment Inc. The company assists corporations with implementing new banking strategies. Additionally, Cornelsen uses the company and his blog to provide education to individuals regarding investments. Currently, Bainbridge Investment Inc. is headquartered in the Bahamas. As a blogger, Cornelsen advises investors to obtain the best rates when they invest in foreign currencies because this has offered the highest performance in the forex market. Cornelsen encourages investors to invest early in life to succeed.

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Igor Cornelsen and His Career Journey as Investments Service Provider

December 21st, 2018

No matter what post you are holding at your place of work, there is no way, at any time, your kin will inherit that CEO or Senior Analyst position you’re holding. Immediately your time is over, another intellect bearing remarkable, and favorable skill sets will be offered the place. With investments, however, one is not only able to guarantee the sustainability of his/her folks but also will be guaranteed sufficient wealth to attain his/her aspired life dreams.

There being, however, having the right choice of investment is really essential, and have to be backed by an expert who will assure your investment’s impressive effectiveness and optimum growth — a professional like Igor Cornelsen who had got sufficient skills and decades of experience, dating from 1971 when he began handling stock exchange funds in his career as an investment banker.

Looking back at his education background, Igor Cornelsen initially was taking engineering class at the Federal University of Parana in Brazil, but changed to bachelor in Economics in 1970, following his passion and talent in finance. Noting his genius ability in solving compound interest rates using no technology, but sliding rules, he got hired by one investment bank, but later on shifted to Rio where he served as an investment banker.

Following his devotion and diligent skills, Igor Cornelsen was able to battle all his odds, and he was hired by Multibanco, of which soon rewarded him tremendously with a position at the board of directors. Not so long after the invitation to the board, he became the CEO, although it was just a short-lived, sweet position to swing at, as Multibanco was acquired by the Bank of America, in 1978.

Following the acquisition of Multibanco, Igor Cornelsen had to stay for some time with no employment but afterward was offered a position at Unibanco – which was the top investment in Brazil by the time. In 1985, Mr. Cornelsen left Unibanco for Libra Bank PLC. While here, he was able to broaden his skills and experience, and qualified to join Standard Chartered Merchant Bank’s team of professionals, and later on its Board.

Similar to other firms Igor Cornelsen had offered his services, his career profile scaled once more, but this time he decided to employ the acquired expertise else way. As of now, he works with Bainbridge Group Inc. where he offers services as an investment manager, including strategies for making investments in damaged stocks, rather not damaged companies.

How Nick Vertucci Became a Renowned Person

December 20th, 2018

Nick Vertucci has been regularly acknowledged for his prosperous career in real estate. For the last decade, he began a project that has commissioned him in developing financial wealth. Nick Vertucci has been in a position of changing the lives of his clients through his education courses that are accredited and the seven-figure decisions book that was published recently.

What made him Develop the Idea

As the creator of the fortunes, he educates other people on how to purchase, modernize and sell the real estate property and realize high-profit margins. Nick Virtucci came into this specialty in 2000’s a period when the internet delusion had developed a hefty tariff on his computer spares business and his investment. He established the resolution to change into real estate after taking part in a training seminar with his ally and because he had devoted his life to studying and making use of the principles of real estate investment.

Through fortunes system, Vertucci has been able to educate others on the approaches that assisted him to take command of his finances. The process has been successful through the use of many events such as the three-and four-day workshops in all the regions of the United States.

Achievements of Nick Vertucci

After working in the firm for ten years, Nick Vertucci devoted his time and struggled to create the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy so that to give individuals like him a chance to develop their careers. In his journey of building the academy, he faced a lot of problems, but he knew success does not result from despairing easily. Therefore, he had to use the skills that gave him success in real estate firm to the growth of his academy. Nick Vertucci’s creation was later acknowledged as one among the ever-growing private firms in the nation.

Vijay Eswaran Providing Insight to New Age Entrepreneurs On How to Achieve Success

December 18th, 2018

Founder and CEO of QI Group of Industries, Vijay Eswaran, is a multi-talented man who is not only responsible for taking his company to great heights of success but is also a famous author, speaker, and philanthropist. Many of his philanthropic initiatives have helped local communities in Malaysia to gain access to basic supplies, education, and healthcare. The CSR programs at QI Group of Industries are also an elaborate one and engage the employees of the company in volunteering for many local charitable causes. It helps in empowering the local communities to come out of their situation and be able enough to contribute to the community’s growth in the future.

Having written multiple books, Vijay Eswaran talks about why it is important for everyone to find their inner peace with the help of spirituality in his books. Vijay Eswaran says that spirituality has helped him in different aspects of life and to face the struggles confidently, irrespective of how bad the situation was. It is this struggles and experiences that he has discussed in details in his books so that the young age entrepreneurs can learn positively from it and implement in their lives.

Vijay Eswaran has helped QI Group of Companies to achieve its full potential under his leadership and has grown its network globally. The company is now involved in many other businesses, including real estate, manufacturing, luxury products, healthcare, aviation, and much more. Vijay Eswaran aims to take the company globally and has been implementing highly successful marketing strategies that have helped with it. Vijay Eswaran believes that the new age entrepreneurs need to be more determined and structured in their approach to achieve success and be less distracted. Vijay Eswaran’s books have gained global recognition and popularity due to the valuable insights it provides on how to make success for the young entrepreneurs.

A Legend who Marked Unforgettable Legacy, Alastair Borthwick

December 17th, 2018

Alastair Borthwick was born in 1913 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire but was raised in Troon, Ayrshire till he was 11 years when they relocated to Glasgow, the place he attended his high school. He had a passion for journalism career from a tender age. Ate the age of 16, Borthwick was employed at Evening Times as a copytaker and later qualified to the Glasgow Weekly Herald. During his youth life, Borthwick spent it writing and editing films pages related to children and women as well as letters to the editor and responded to readers` queries.

In 1935, Alastair Borthwick was employed as a reporter at the Daily Mirror, but after one year he lost his job, and this gave him an opportunity to visit other places that were fit for his informality- radio broadcasting. Borthwick as a broadcaster, had extra abilities as he sounded friendly and relaxed during a period of much formal radio presentations. To him, it was the natural way of speaking, and he failed to understand why others couldn’t do it.

Besides his remarkable journalism career, Alastair Borthwick was a warrior during the second world war. He joined the 51st Highland Division`s 5th Seaforth Highlanders serving in most parts of Western Desert, Sicily, and Europe. He was at one time the captain of the battalion serving as an intelligence officer. In 1945, Borthwick commanded his whole force of 600 men through German open line in a single file and at night, only the Germans to woke up to find Seaforths had dug behind them. Later on before the end of the war, John Sym who was the Colonel permitted Alastair not to attend parades and in return write battalion history.

After the war ended, Borthwick went to Coast of Jura together with her wife Ann who they lived with for seven years, and it’s here they sired their first son, Patrick. In 1952, the family went to live in Islay living for eight years before moving to Ayrshire where they lived for the rest of their lives. Before he died, Alastair referred to himself as a journeyman writer a symbol he thought would be used to remember him. He died at the age of 90.