Talkspace Online Therapy Helping Millions with Mental Depression Issues

November 6th, 2018

Michael Phelps, a globally renowned, 28-time swimming champion seems to have achieved all there is in the American Dream. Amid all the success, Michael Phelps felt lost because of depression.

“I spent five days in my room, questioning whether there’s any more incentive to continue living. I discovered that I’m a strong person, but I still felt profound weakness,” Michael Phelps. Having realized that he couldn’t overcome depression by himself, he decided to find a professional therapist; a move he credits to have helped him greatly.

You need not wait to experience mental stress to seek therapeutic help. Anyone can find an expert therapist whenever he or she needs to talk about the matters affecting them psychologically. It works as it alleviates the development of a severe mental problem.

Through his partnership with Talkspace, Michael shares how therapy rescued him overcome depression. Through this initiative, he has opened up channels for millions of people to access professional therapy.

Talkspace is an authoritative, confident, convenient and affordable online therapy. It enables users to send messages and videos using smart devices and desktops to therapists who are more than willing to help.

A Peek into the Day of a Talkspace Therapist

Melissa Moreno, one of the Talkspace therapists, says that her typical day starts at 5.45 am and ends at 10 pm. After waking up, she spends a few minutes exercising, before attending online therapy sessions with clients. During the day, she serves as facility director for Adolescent-Boys Program, where she offers sanctuary and dialectical behavioral therapy. She signs in to Talkspace at 5.30 pm, followed by a few minutes in the gym, before checking into Talkspace till 10 pm.

Samantha White, a Talkspace therapist, and an award-winning author follows a daily routine that’s different from Moreno’s. Her day begins at 7.30 am and goes for a morning walk for an hour. She then checks into Talkspace where she attends to clients for the better part of the morning. She then returns for afternoon sessions at 3.30 pm. Afterward, she enjoys some me-time until dinner is served at 7 pm. At 9, she relaxes, watching inspirational shows that counterbalance her job of alleviating people’s mental struggles. Later on, she retires to bed, ready for another dawn.

Nick Vertucci takes the Real Estate World by storm

November 6th, 2018

Nick Vertucci is a typical “rags to riches” real estate story. He came from a poor and humble financial background growing up and his economical situation became worse when his father passed away. His family could barely make ends meet as he was growing up. As he passed his 18th birthday, his life began to take flight and flourish in computer accessory sales department. After a while, his business career came to a crashing halt after all of his liquidated capital burst in the bubble in the year 2000.

Nick Vertucci almost lost his home due to his accumulated debt in the computer industry.

His life began to flourish once more when he enrolled in the real estate academy. The academy inspired his real estate business venture which eventually freed him from his financial hardships that had been posed on him previously.

Nick Vertucci became a real estate investor which eventually led to him launching the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which is also known as NVREA.

Based upon his hard upbringing, Nick Vertucci doesn’t believe that a person strikes it rich by playing it safe all of the time. He believes that this risk will lift a person up from a middle class status into the millionaire circle. Nick believes that the key to business is integrity.

Nick openly states that he was brutally extracted from his business partnerships and that his business partners didn’t always get along well together. He was the glue that kept the business together. After this traumatic experience, he lost his business mojo altogether. He had lost millions and he became severely depressed. At times, he couldn’t bring himself to get out of bed of a morning. Eventually, he rebuilt the landscape of his business from the ashes. He arose like the real estate phoenix that he always has proven himself to be. So please be sure to read “Seven Figure Decisions” because it is a wonderful and educational read! Nick doesn’t spoonfeed and this is what people want.

Oren Frank: Offering Reasonable Priced Consulting With Talkspace

October 31st, 2018

Talk Space

Oren Frank and Roni Frank founded Talk Space. Before Talk Space began, Roni Frank expertise was in building software. Oren and Roni had gone into couples therapy and found the experience instrumental in saving their marriage. Roni Frank went back to school and earned her master’s degree in psychotherapy. Together Roni and Oren started Talk Space in 2012. The service offers counsel by way of online video chat and text messaging.

Six years later after Oren Frank and Roni Frank founded Talk Space, the online service now is experiencing an 80% increase in business. The online counseling service has seen significant increases in females, Muslim, and Jewish customers. The bulk of their patients are the millennial generation between 33 and 35 years old.

In 2018, Talk Space has one million customers using their online counseling service. Currently, the online counseling service has a $79 weekly service offering video therapy by way of a therapist assigned to the user and a $49 service which provides counsel by way of text messaging.

Talk Space Hires Neil Leibowitz

Talk Space has hired Neil Leibowitz, the former head medical officer with United Health. With Leibowitz on board with Talk Space, the online counseling hopes to expand its psychotherapy services. Talk Space has trained physicians on board who counsel Talk Space’s patients.

Neil Leibowitz and Oren Frank are in the process of furthering the services offered on their online video counseling. Within the next few months, Talkspace’s physicians will be able to prescribe medications through their online video counseling service.


With Leibowitz former background with United Health, he will be assisting in the corporate structure of Talk Space. In this country, employers see a tenfold increase in stress-related issues in the workplace, affecting job performance. These companies have found their employees between the ages of 30 to 35 years old suffer the most with stress-related problems in the workplace.

Talk Space offers affordable therapy to anyone with an online connection. Talk Space focus has been the customers not accessible to counseling services. Many of the users of their online therapy service come from rural areas which have no access to counseling services.

Corporate Resolutions Delves Deeper Than Any Other Background Check Service

October 18th, 2018

Warren Buffet, one of the greatest businessmen of all time, has said that the best businesses are the ones that could be run by their CEO’s dropout nephew. While running such a company would be a great gig, and the executives’ and company’s success would be a sure thing for the shareholders, the reality of most modern corporations is that they need real, proven talent in the wheelhouse.


The fact of the matter is that the stakes involved in selecting C-level personnel has never been higher. Making the wrong choice can easily lead not only to the company foundering but to its total destruction. And lest executive-hiring teams think that it is only the absolute top-level positions that require high-end due diligence, consider that the junior-level CFO of Enron, Andrew Fastow, has been largely blamed for that company’s sudden demise. From the rogue traders of Société General and Lehman Bros to the massive executive embezzlement scheme that sunk National Heritage Life Insurance, simple human resources mistakes, when made in the context of executive or upper-level management, can destroy entire companies and the life’s work of everyone who built them.



Corporate Resolutions can prevent fatal hiring mistakes



Corporate Resolutions is one of the foremost companies in America in the area of executive and upper-level management executive background checks. As companies hire at higher levels within their corporate hierarchy, it is imperative that they understand that the stakes do not just increase: They increase exponentially.


This is why it becomes critical not just to get it right most of the time, as most competent human resources departments are able to do. When hiring those who will have access to critical corporate assets and the power to abuse them and to steer the company in potentially fatal direction or become a potentially brand-destroying public relations liability, should they engage in untoward activities, it is necessary to get it right 100 percent of the time. That is the level of certainty that a Corporate Resolutions background check brings to the table. And it is that level of certainty that tells your executive-hiring team that you aren’t putting your company’s entire value on a spin of the roulette wheel.



Corporate Resolutions digs deeper, bearing all before the eyes of decision makers



The one thing that every criminal, liar and fraud avoids as if their life depended on it is transparency. Even the cleverest cheats and liars cannot continue their charades in the face of those with full knowledge of what they’re really up to.

That’s why Corporate Resolutions has designed a 100 percent comprehensive background check process that leaves no stone unturned, no matter how far back a misdeed may have been or how much effort may have gone into expunging it from society’s memory.


Corporate Resolutions digs deeper than any other executive background check service. One area in which the company provides a unique and comprehensive service is in the full investigation of any civil court case that was ever brought against the candidate at either the county or federal level. This can be an invaluable source of additional information about a candidate, especially considering that many serious cases of fraud and other breach of duties that could have potentially carried criminal penalties often end up settled in civil court or even privately.


Corporate Resolutions is able to penetrate the veil of opacity that often surrounds civil proceedings, giving a guaranteed total picture of all proceedings to which the candidate has been a party going back at least 7 years. At the same time, Corporate Resolutions’ professional investigators are able to piece together often fragmentary puzzles, deducing from careful study what the likely missing elements are from such things as civil cases that were brought but then summarily dismissed. In some cases, this may indicate that there was insufficient grounds to continue. But in others, it may indicate that there was an out-of-court settlement with an accompanying non-disclosure agreement. And it can be these cases, where both the individual and the aggrieved party mutually wish to avoid any embarrassing publicity, where some of the most vital and relevant facts about executive candidates’ prior dealings may come to light.


Modern corporations that are looking for the right executive to fill vacant roles cannot afford not to have the power that a Corporate Resolutions executive background check puts in their hands.

Nick Vertucci has found the Keys to Successful Real Estate Investing

October 5th, 2018

Nick Vertucci is a real estate guru and he has developed a program that allows almost anyone to be successful in the industry. He came from a loving home, but his mother worked long hours to support the family after his father passed away. After spending some time living in his van, he started a business selling computer parts. He loved being his own boss and the challenges and freedom that came with it. The dot com crash occurred in the year 2000 and saw his success crumble before his eyes. Looking back he realized he did not invest in the future. He was only investing in the present. He found himself getting deeper and deeper into debt and lost just about everything he worked so hard to acquire.

During this down time for Nick Vertucci, he attended a three day real estate seminar with a friend. He took in everything heard in the seminar and even though he did not understand everything at the time, he knew he was on to something. The seminar inspired him to jump into the deep end of the real estate pool and learn everything he could learn about the industry.

It took Nick Vertucci years to develop a system that worked for him, but once he did, there was no stopping him. When he felt he was a level that allowed him to call himself a real estate success he decided to help others by teaching his system to others. His goal was to help others get out of debt and build a better life for themselves and their families by helping them create wealth. He finds most people have the determination, know-how and drive to be successful, but they do not have the understanding to make those characteristics work for them.

To achieve his goal of helping people Nick Vertucci established the NV Real Estate Academy. The team at the Academy teaches students the solutions to position themselves in the real estate industry to be successful. Students learn how to find the best deals, repairing and flipping properties to selling a finished project. Students also learn how to finance projects of all types including commercial, residential and leisure properties, as well as holding properties for long term cash flow. Nick Vertucci and his team also show students how to find the right investor for projects of interest.

Vertucci’s program has become a much sought after program because of its success rate. The program has helped hundreds of students find success in the real estate industry. He does stress the fact that it is not a set it and forget type of program and it does require effort and dedication to make the program work.

TalkSpace: Advancement in Therapy Online

September 28th, 2018

It is important that people give serious consideration and priority to their mental health to ensure that they are well-conditioned and rejuvenated. Daily pressures of life have a way of taking their toll on mental health. Surprisingly, most people don’t even know that they suffer from some form of anxiety disorder and depression. This is especially true for busy working professionals who spend most of their time at work or worrying about work. Such people need to take matters into their own hands by regularly consulting the therapists who can help them with what needs to be done.

There are lots of stigmas associated with mental health issues. That’s why, TalkSpace, a New York City Based social enterprise is trying to raise awareness about mental health issues with the help of Olympic Champion Michael Phelps. Phelps has battled depression and anxiety disorders and found that therapy and communication are very vital for someone taking on mental health issues. Challenging stigmas associated with mental health has opened doors for him to reach out and affect the lives of others. Michael Phelps has appeared in ad campaigns and television commercials as the spokesperson for TalkSpace.

TalkSpace offers online therapeutic services for people in need of help at an affordable rate. TalkSpace promotes communication and self-care as the best ways to manage mental health conditions, harassment, assault, and other traumas. They have served more than one million clients. TalkSpace employees licensed therapists to interact with clients through mobile text and online platforms. They also used live chats and video options for some patients. The good thing is that TalkSpace offers fair rates compared to similar office services elsewhere.

TalkSpace was founded in 2011 to provide online mental health services to millions of clients in need of affordable care. It is now run by Groop Intern Platform Inc. and has now raised close to sixty million dollars to help offer they services. About half of their funds were raised in August 2017 from Softbank Group Corporation. TalkSpace charges between $49 and $79 for their services and have also signed various contracts with health insurance companies. TalkSpace services comply with all federal and state laws in their diagnosis, prescription and counseling methods.

Talkspace: Mental Health and Help From Michael Phelps

September 20th, 2018

In today’s world mental health has no boundaries and it’s not beholding to any specific person. That said, Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps who is the world champion swimmer has expressed his struggle with anxiety and depression. He has recently opened up to discuss his personal dealings with mental health problems and how he found help through the fast growing online therapy platform called Talkspace. He has even taken it upon himself to team up with the organization to further spread the word that mental health issues can happen to anyone and need to be addressed. Phelps states that people should consider trying to talk to their friends and family and even their teammates or find a professional therapist that you can work with.

For those who don’t know, Talkspace has taken the market by storm by offering an affordable and confidential therapy online platform that users can communicate with certified therapists by sending unlimited pictures, audio, texts and video messages. Each user received an assigned therapist for their specific mental health concern. It can be done either through a computer web browser or mobile app accessed directly through your smartphone. Co-founder Oren Frank is taking his business to another level as the organization has made contact with nearly 1 million users interacting with the platform on a daily basis.

To make sure the platform is working effectively, Frank states that Talkspace focuses on its employees. That said, he makes it a point to having his platform’s services tested and analyzed by at least 10 percent of a business’s customers employees who have decided to give the messaging service a try. In the last year, Talkspace has brought on new staff by hiring Neil Leibowitz as their chief medical officer. His role is to build the organization’s main business and start prescribing medications to all users. Leibowitz has an extensive background as a senior medical director whose prior job experience was at UnitedHealth. The goal is for Leibowitz to increase sales two other businesses for the Talkspace platform. For all users, Talkspace provides a new option when it comes to seeking help for mental illness and reaching a therapist on your own terms.

Management Adviser, Michael Burwell

September 17th, 2018


Michael Burwell is a great financial adviser who works as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Willis Towers Watson, an advisory and consulting firm that provides a wide range of services for a large and small organization. He attended the University of Michigan where he studied Bachelors of Business Administration. He is also a Certified Public Accountant. He was named as the Michigan Student’s Alumnus of the year in 2010.

Before joining Willis Towers Watson, Burwell worked in different leadership capacities at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP companies such as a Vice Chairman of, Chief Financial Officer at in 2012, a leader at US Transformation in 2012, and partner in 1997, Central Region Leader and Leader in US Transaction. He is also a board member in Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Centre and a PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Mr. Burwell started his career at Privatehousecooper LLP (PwC) as Midwest Leader Transaction Service in 2001. In 2005, he was promoted to the United States as a Leader of the Transaction Service Group and later appointed as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Operating Officer (CFO) in the same firm in 2009.

Furthermore, Michael Burwell was appointed the as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Willis Towers Watson on August 21, 2017. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) OF Willis Towers applauded Mr. Burwell as an understanding manager who leads and drives results in a complex and strong focus on clients. Moreover, he is an expert in finance, transaction and transformation person. He fits to guide the long-term growth and incorporation growth of Willis Towers Watson Company.

In the interview with Inspirery, Mr. Michael Burwell emphasizes the importance of staying productive taking advantage of the immense amount of technology available to improve performance. He too believes in sharing with others technology that helps him more as he also asks them to share with him the technology that is useful to them. He advises young people to make collaboration with others, be good listeners and to build a network.

Throughout his leadership success, Mr. Burwell has been confident and relentless. He celebrates his successes with his workmates and assesses what makes him successful. Furthermore, he noted that the micro-communities would expand and grow in future.


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Nick Vertucci: The King of Fortune Flipping

September 13th, 2018

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate mogul who grabs the bull by the horns and rides it into submission. His will to succeed is described in his extraordinary new book, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.” Nick shares a detailed description of his journey from humble beginnings to his phenomenal success in the real estate business. In his book, he uses his life’s experiences to demonstrate the path to success. The principles that made the man are what made the millionaire. Nick Vertucci is not a soft stepper. He makes strong, solid decisions which lead to success in his life and business. His book is more than a roadmap to how to be successful in real estate; it is a memoir of how a man overcame his challenges and obstacles and created a life he wanted to live and enjoy. It’s about how a man who faced a tough youth, is not self-centered and bitter, but compassionate and willing to share with others how they can beat the odds as well.

Nick Vertucci says, “You don’t strike it rich by playing it safe.” He describes the skill set that is needed to be a success in any business. He doesn’t mean for anyone to be reckless but rather that they develop the skills from an experienced resource and then successfully apply those skills in business. Nick is candid about his mishaps throughout his journey. He shares openly about the changes he has had to make to gain the results that he has today. The book not only demonstrates proveable real estate strategies that will result in real success but it also shows how to navigate changing times in the market.

The NVREA is the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. After years of studying, training, trial and error, success, failures, and rebounds Nick has created an award-winning business that he can share with others. His academy will help his students to not only succeed but to eliminate a lot of the pitfalls that he experienced early in his career. The NVREA is located in California and its where Nick teaches his students how to succeed in the highs, lows, and unpredictability of the real estate market. Nick uses practical methods like “Get in, Get out, and Get paid’, and more complex approaches like commercial investments, assets protection, leveraging retirement accounts to fund investments, and more. Nick has a radio show with information on real estate investing, how to attend his seminars, and his academy. For those with balls to succeed, Nick Vertucci is the guy to get you where you want to be.

Talkspace Offering Support to People Looking for Therapy Privately

September 4th, 2018

There are many people out there who are seeking help for their mental illness but due to the high cost associated with it are not able to go ahead with their plans. If you are feeling that the symptoms of any mental health illness have been surfacing lately, then checking with the therapist is definitely going to be helpful. Prevention is better than cure, and if you feel that any mental health issue has been developing any kind of problem, then a professional therapist would be able to diagnose you clinically. Talkspace is an online app that was developed in the year 2012 to help common people get access to therapy without spending a fortune. As therapy sessions are commonly known to be expensive, many people with a tight budget are not able to get the help they need. It is where Talkspace has proven to be highly useful for people.

Talkspace is also very useful for people who are not very comfortable with face to face consultation with the therapist or don’t have easy access to a professional therapist. With Talkspace, you can consult with the reputed therapist online through your phone itself. The good thing about Talkspace is that it has a lot of features that would make it really flexible for people with low budget. With time, Talkspace app has evolved and become even more feature rich. So far, over a million members have joined Talkspace and have received the clinical therapy diagnosis they were looking for, and the count continues to increase with time. But, there is still a need to make people aware of the benefits of online therapy.

Talkspace recently started a TV campaign to encourage more people to seek therapy. The team was able to get Michael Phelps for their campaign as he had himself suffered from depression and had managed to get therapy for it. He is also not afraid to talk about his depression days and want people to come forward and not be scared to get help. He not only features in their advertisement but also held many sessions with the community in different places about the need for therapy for mental illnesses.

Find out more about Talk space: